Revenue Protection

With the introduction and roll-out of TRAS and the increasing interest and understanding of energy theft, ABM are able to provide energy suppliers immediate revenue protection solutions and support:

An end to end National duel fuel field investigatory team capable and qualified to identify and resolve 'Irregularities' on a supplier's request. This includes as well as identifying the circumstance the correct corresponding 'obligation or power' will be highlighted assisting the supplier to determine its desired course of action. Identification of Vulnerable Persons as defined by Supply Licence Condition and supplier policy Evidence gathering capabilities, including photographs, witness statements, interview's and (if required) subsequent court attendance, in accordance with the 'Police and Criminal Evidence Act' (P.A.C.E) enabling a supplier to pursue criminal proceeding if so desired.

Compliance with the ERA code of conduct.

Compliance, where applicable, with the respective Revenue Protection Code Of Practice.

Additional support functions offered;

Regulation/Compliance/Legislation assistance

Case management assistance

Assistance in production of a 'Revenue Protection Policy' tailored to a suppliers requirements

Assistance in production of a 'Warrant/Rights of entry Policy' tailored to suppliers requirements.

Provision and use of relevant paperwork – Rights of entry letters etc.

Any variation as per client requirements including a complete or partial outsource of Revenue Protection administration functions

Partial Outsource



This support is designed to be flexible meeting supplier's individual needs and requirements whilst ensuring regulatory and industry compliance standards are achieved and documented.

Consequently we are able to offer instant support and solutions to whatever your revenue protection requirements, removing the need of additional consultancy support, mitigating the need for process development and design, departmental changes, recruitment, training, system changes and the need to source any external support via the very limited third party service providers available.