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Welcome to ABM Utility Solutions Ltd

ABM Utility Solutions provide solutions in any area of revenue loss, recovery, field visits and consultancy which an energy supplier may be experiencing or require.

ABM have continued to lead the way in providing peaceful and non-enforcement resolutions in all areas, for example achieving an average of 92% peaceful resolution in respect of theft investigations.

Every warrant is considered as a failure risking our clients down stream costs, brand and reputation.

Our upstream activities and our field specialists are heavily incentivised to resolve issues at the earliest possible stage. Whilst we continue to lead the way in all areas of revenue recovery, ABM has become recognised and established as the UK’s leading revenue protection specialists, providing both Gas and Electricity support and solutions to the UK’s largest Energy Suppliers since 2008, successfully completing over 60K Domestic, Commercial and Industrial investigations as well as the real time whilst on-site remedial work required to protect the vulnerable and fulfil the requirements of our Clients.

Our Executive Leadership Team, have collectively spent over 75 years within Revenue Protection, debt collection, debt resolution, revenue loss and other associated field activities . This includes holding Senior posts at two of the UK’s largest energy suppliers.

The industry continues to be represented through our tailored field services, solutions and consultancy support as well as through industry steering groups and working alongside the UKRPA, of which ABM is a full member. ABM were exceptionally proud to have honoured the UKRPA by being the main sponsor of the 2018 UKRPA Conference which took place on the 27th and 28th June this year, a year in which celebrated the UKRPA’s 20th Year.

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