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We are accredited by Ofgem as a meter reading company, and can be found on their website. We offer a full range of doorstep visits services depending on your requirements. As many of our agents work evenings and are rewarded on success, our resolution rates are high.

Here is a sample of the services we offer. We can always provide a bespoke visit, just let us know your requirements, if they do not fit into the generic list below and we will work with you to achieve your aim.

• Pre-disconnection visits (PDV’s) Gas & Electric

• Vulnerable customer identification

• ** Gas and Electricity prepayment non-purchase follow-up visits & resolution

• Dispute resolution

• Full site surveys

• Negotiation of assessments

• Must Read Inspection, pre-warrant visit

• Human Rights notification

• Court warrant application signings

• Must Read Inspection warrant executions

• Debt Warrant executions

• Revenue Protection investigations

• Vacant sites, cessation of supply

• Portfolio reconciliation visits

• Data gathering (field visits)

• Live  collections and energy related Revenue Protection consultancy

• Development of processes and training material and delivery

• Consultancy provision

** We are leading provider of non purchase follow up, offering a range of treatments which both resolves the non-purchase situation and provides customer retention. Our visit identifies the reasons for non-purchase and provides corrective behaviour where customers are either not purchasing or loading false credit to the meter.